Francesco D'Alessio

Freelance Marketer & CREATOR



Who AM I? 

I'm currently a freelance marketer and creator, based in the UK.

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I spend my day problem-solving with software start-ups and brands, tackling a range of marketing hurdles including PR, influencer marketing, content creation and digital marketing strategy.

On the side, I run a software YouTube channel with over 40,000+ subscribers, publishing new tutorials every few days. My goal with this is to educate the world about the most suitable productivity resources for them, saving them time, money and effort. 

I also run an iTunes podcast called "Tools They Use", where I interview professionals and CEOs about their choice of resources/apps/habits/routines and how they use all of them to master their day. 

As an avid armchair futurist, I love to learn more about workplace culture, personal productivity tools and even the future of marketing efforts.  

In my spare time, I love walks with my wife, spending time with family, and watching Ferrari win F1 races (even if that's not all the time). 



I've only been freelancing for the last 2 years, but already made some strong global friendships. Here are a few of the brands that I've worked with so far.  

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As my side project, being a creator allows me to communicate with amazing professionals around the world. 4 years on, we've been sponsored (a few are below) by many popular software brands, sometimes even twice. 

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Looking to HIRE ME? 

First off, that's awesome! Lovely to meet you! 

I'd love to learn more about your business and your work, to make sure I'm the perfect fit for your goals.

Pop me an email and fill in this short questionnaire so that I can understand your problems and discover whether we're the best match-up.

Curious about my previous work? Totally fine! You can find my previous client work here. 

Really look forward to your message. 



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